Are you feeling stuck?


Is it difficult to motivate your congregation to engage in cross-cultural ministry?


Do you struggle to minister alongside someone who thinks very differently than you do? 


Is it an uphill battle to keep cross-cultural ministries on task? 


I've been there!

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Are you feeling stuck?


Do you struggle to minister alongside someone who thinks very differently than you do?  Is it difficult to keep everyone on the same page?  Is it a hard slog to launch cross-cultural initiatives in your church?  I've been there!



As you cultivate skills to serve alongside believers from other cultures, would you like to...

  • Learn from others' mistakes, so you don't repeat them?
  • Know whether others have experienced success or difficulty in situations similar to yours?
  • Understand church systems from an organic, relational, fluid perspective, as well as from a highly structured perspective?
  • Validate and refine your processing through discussion with an experienced consultant?

Consulting will help you identify action steps to break through barriers,
enabling you to move more quickly to higher levels of ministry effectiveness

Which of these
9 phases of cross-cultural partnership development skills 
best describes you?


Had a negative experience
with an immigrant congregation


Open to learning more


Gathering information
and moving toward implementation


Beginning to meet
immigrant ministry leaders


Formed a mutually trusting relationship with a healthy immigrant pastor


Held an initial joint activity with a partnering congregation that resulted in positive short-term momentum


Experiencing sustained church momentum through ongoing joint ministry with a partnering immigrant congregation


Serving together with
multiple healthy immigrant churches


Modeling and networking other churches
in your community for ministry alongside immigrant believers


Executive Director, Immigrant Ministry Connections


Over the past 16 years, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with American and immigrant pastors about their ministry relationships. 

I’ve pastored in a multi-congregational church with services in 11 languages, and worshipped with over 60 diverse immigrant congregations. 

These experiences have shown me the common practices that do and don’t work.

I can tell you heartening stories of churches that received fresh momentum through cross-cultural partnerships. 

Unfortunately, I can tell you far more stories of churches that are “religious roommates”, sharing nothing more than space.

Throughout my career, I’ve profited from experienced coaches and consultants who have been invaluable in my skill development.  If you are a leader in a local church, whether or not you have a salary or formal theological training, I’d be glad to hear about the blessings and struggles of the cross-cultural ministry God has entrusted to you.

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