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Cross-Cultural Friendships 101


Practical beginning steps for Christians
desiring to befriend their immigrant neighbors


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Do you struggle to know what to say when you encounter someone from another culture?  You’re not alone!  Don’t lose hope—there are simple skills you can quickly learn to develop confidence to warmly welcome someone from any cultural background.  Here are basic practices you will learn in 5 brief modules:

Module 1: The first 60 seconds 3 simple phrases that will get your conversation off to a great start

Module 2: Building rapport through great questions 4 questions that will quickly turn a shallow conversation into a meaningful one

Module 3: Engage your new friend’s children Practical tips to demonstrate compassion for their entire family

Module 4: Engage your church Concrete steps to involve others in your fellowship

Module 5: Share meals together Where real communion begins

Each module contains a short video and accompanying Study Guide

Hi, I'm John Yoder

During 13 years in Beijing, I served ministry leaders across Asia and pastored at a large multiethnic International Church.  After returning to Minnesota I founded Immigrant Ministry Connections to equip American and immigrant Christians to serve together reaching our communities for Christ.  I’ve worshipped in 60 diverse immigrant congregations and had the privilege of sharing a meal or other conversation with most of their pastors.  I’ve interviewed dozens of cross-cultural ministry leaders over Zoom; clips from 6 of those interviews are included in the course videos.  My life has been deeply enriched by the spiritual zeal of believers from around the world, and I believe yours will too. 

The practical steps I teach in this course aren’t just for ministry professionals.  I’ve seen everyday Christians build warm, trusting relationships with immigrant friends using these techniques.  May God enrich your life through fellowship with brothers and sisters from around the world!

Including interview clips from these multicultural ministry leaders


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