Susanna, Joanna, Mary and a team of other women subsidized the itinerant ministry of Jesus and his twelve disciples (Luke 8:2-3).


It's likely they seldom accompanied the itinerant team. 


But their generosity
changed the world.


The future vitality of American Christianity rests with those forming cross-cultural relationships. Not everyone will accompany them on the journey.

But you can lay a strong foundation for the future of the American church by supporting the development of those connections.

Immigrant Ministry Connections connects ideas, ministries and people


We share the stories of those innovating biblically faithful paradigms of ministry.


We connect nonprofits and churches with one another.


We teach pastoral leaders and everyday Christians the skills needed to serve in today's multicultural society.


Our ministry partners create a healthier future for the church. 


Biblical faithfulness and cultural competence


are both indispensable for today’s pastors.  That’s why we share stories of fruitful ministry from pastors of many ethnic backgrounds.  It is a loss for the Body of Christ when the voices of any believers are ignored because of the color of their skin—whether they are black, white, brown or anything else. 

Immigrant Ministry Connections shares biblically faithful resources from believers of all ethnicities, all generations and both genders.  Your donation provides pastoral training resources that are biblically sound, culturally appropriate and proven effective.

687 immigrant-focused
agencies listed

500+ pastoral leaders
subscribed to our blogs

Dozens of consultations
provided annually

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