Fresh energy for your church
through shared ministry
with an immigrant congregation

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Jumpstarting Church Momentum:
Fresh energy
for your church
shared ministry
with an
immigrant congregation

Reshaping the Face of
American Christianity

  • American churches are in decline
  • Because immigrants are more receptive to the gospel than native-born Americans, their churches continue to grow
  • American churches that serve alongside immigrant congregations experience greater momentum

4 kinds of momentum
experienced by American churches who serve alongside immigrant churches

  • Kingdom and denominational growth
  • A renewed sense of calling and purpose
  • Greater retention of our younger generations, who more naturally function in multicultural environments 
  • Joy from answering Jesus' prayer in John 17, "That they may all be one"

If you love the church and want to see it remain vibrant for the long term;

If you prefer action steps over abstract theory;

If you want to see believers serve together across ethnic boundaries;

If you want to rally your leadership team around a clearly articulated, common vision;

We can help.


Jumpstarting Church Momentum is a good fit for your congregation if its members include:


  • Beginners who have never engaged in immigrant ministry before and need user-friendly resources
  • Thinkers who want to know the biblical basis for ministry
  • Feelers who want to hear vivid stories about real people
  • Big-picture people who want to understand current events and how the church should respond
  • Task-focused doers who simply want their responsibilities spelled out for them
  • Prayer warriors who want tools to mobilize congregation-wide prayer

By the end of this course, you will have:

Conducted a joint ministry event creating positive momentum for both churches
Formed and equipped a
task-focused team
Built a strong working relationship with a healthy immigrant pastor
Clearly articulated a biblical
vision for ministry alongside immigrant believers




Hi, I'm John Yoder


After 13 years living in China and training ministry leaders across Asia, Sherry and I returned to our home in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul.  I have worshipped in 57 immigrant churches of many ethnic and denominational backgrounds.  I've taken their pastors to lunch and listened to their stories.  I've heard the struggles they face serving in America.

At the same time, I've met with dozens of American pastors, listening to their successes and struggles in walking alongside immigrant ministry leaders.  Because most are doing this for the first time, they have no experience to draw on.  Through dialogue with them I've discovered what does and doesn't work in building effective joint ministry with immigrant churches.  To help you quickly understand and apply my findings, I've compiled them together in this course.

I serve as Executive Director of Immigrant Ministry Connections, hold a Master's of Divinity degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, and am an ordained minister of the Evangelical Free Church of America.  Sherry and I have been married for 25 years.

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Jumpstarting Church Momentum


Jumpstarting Church Momentum

digital course only



Jumpstarting Church Momentum

digital course

plus a 60-minute consultation
(a $174 value)


What’s Inside
Jumpstarting Church Momentum


Module 1: Introduction and Overview

  • 4 kinds of momentum you may experience through this course

Module 2: God's Passion for the Nations Among Us 

 A pulpit-ready sermon God's Passion for the Nations Among Us: God's use of migration to spread the gospel in the Book of Acts and today

  • Includes the complete, editable sermon PowerPoint for you to edit for your own presentations
  • The PowerPoint includes all current events, scripture passages and a congregational prayer
  • You may use either the video lesson or your own lesson based on the PowerPoint for your Sunday service, Sunday School or small groups, including online groups

Module 3: A step-by-step guide to identifying and building a trusting relationship with a healthy immigrant church 


  • 3 common practices that fail to create momentum
  • The one practice that always builds momentum
  • Qualities to look for in a partnering immigrant church
  • Best practices to initiate a trusting relationship with an immigrant pastor
  • Steps to honor an immigrant pastor as your peer in ministry

Module 4: A step-by-step guide to become a healthy partnering church

  • Steps to build a small, task-focused team around this vision
  • Steps to communicate the vision to your congregation
  • How to answer common objections
  • How to develop the 6 qualities of an ideal partnering church

Module 5: A step-by-step guide to conducting a one-time event that creates momentum for both churches 

  • 3 Qualities essential for this event to create momentum
  • 4 groups you MUST engage in this event
  • Common types of successful events



Module 6: Your next steps

  • How to push past the 2 most common causes of inaction
  • The Action Plan Development Guide: your tool to identify the tasks, people and resources necessary to carry out the vision

Included in this Course

  • 6 video-based teaching modules
  • PDF formatted Study Guides
  • Shareable lesson PowerPoint God's Passion for the Nations Among Us
  • An Action Plan Development Guide detailing every step you need to take
  • Transcript of all video sessions

Enroll in

Jumpstarting Church Momentum 


Jumpstarting Church Momentum

digital course only



Jumpstarting Church Momentum

digital course

plus a 60-minute consultation
(a $174 value)

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