Qualities pastors love about our materials


  • Digestible: Our blogs are short, and our online courses are divided into videos of manageable length
  • Practical: Most of our content is immediately actionable
  • Team-focused: Many resources are beginner-friendly, with study guides geared to equip members of your congregation
  • Diverse: We share ideas of ministry leaders from different ethnicities, generations and denominations
  • Biblically faithful:Ā We place Christ before culture,Ā maintainingĀ biblical faithfulness as the primary criteria for our resources

Jumpstarting Church Momentum

Practical steps to create fresh momentum for your church through ministry alongsideĀ an immigrant church

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Cross-Cultural Friendships 101

Practical beginning steps for Christians desiring to befriend their immigrant neighbor

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Empowering the Second Generation

Why they are critical to the future of American Christianity

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