6 practices to cultivate sustained momentum for your church through ministry alongside immigrant congregations

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In it for the long haul

Coming in fall 2023, this online course will teach you how to seize the initiative you've created in Jumpstarting Church Momentum and fan it into positive momentum for the long term.

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What’s inside

Sustaining Church Momentum 


  • A deeper dive into the relationship between migration and evangelism in the Book of Acts
  • Steps to develop basic cross-cultural skills in your congregation
  • Understanding the unique nature and needs of the immigrant church
  • How to serve your immigrant communities through making disciples, teaching English, refugee resettlement and more
  • How to set SMART goals in a highly fluid environment—and make yourself look like an organizational genius in the process!
  • A discussion of church structures: is the homogenous, multiethnic or multi-expression paradigm the one most likely to create a positive future for your church?
  • How to steward your facility well, including a template for a covenant of agreement regarding building use
  • How to recruit returning missionaries to join you in the task
  • Understanding and serving the second generation

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Sustaining Church Momentum