Do you long to see the Holy Spirit poured out upon all ethnicities and generations in your community?



Most of us expect God to send renewal through ministry leaders who look like us.

What if God has a different plan? What if, like on the Day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit desires to flow through all language groups, through men and women, and through young and old? What if he wants to send renewal through decentralized, diverse believers who don’t look or worship like you?



Most of us prefer to befriend others like ourselves. But in schools across our metro areas, there is no longer a majority group. Young people innately build relationships in diverse settings. That makes our churches feel less relevant to them.




That doesn’t mean you need to give up your beloved ways of experiencing God. Promoting radical change in existing churches leads to mass departures. Instead of deconstructing what already exists, your church can add new partnerships or expressions of worship to your existing structures.




What can you do to spur on the work of the Spirit across cultures and generations?

Every believer can bring about positive change by cooperating, learning and resourcing.


Individual Christians can provide marvelous service to our communities. But robust unity in the Body of Christ necessitates the engagement of local churches.


There is a place for every member to walk alongside church leaders in casting vision, identifying resources, building strong cross-cultural friendships, and launching effective ministries. 



You don’t need a degree to love people of other cultures.

Cross-cultural relationships are a part of everyday life we need to learn informally, just like nutrition and money management. Our Resources for Pastors page lists many tools you will find useful.

Explore our Resources for Pastors



Few pastors have been trained in building cross-cultural partnerships. Many have never even seen one. Such pastors don’t need new degree programs, but ongoing, practitioner-focused vocational training.


We’ve created robust digital learning, coaching, and networking resources that most churches can’t afford. Yet we provide most of those resources free of charge, and the rest at less than half our production costs. This happens because believers with a vision for cross-cultural ministry subsidize them.

We resource ministry leaders to thrive in cross-cultural partnerships through blogs, online courses, networking, individual coaching, and small group cohorts. These resources have proven impact:

  • Hundreds of pastors trained

  • Denominational leaders provided with clear, easy-to-follow materials for equipping others

  • Individuals, churches, and organizations networked for more effective ministry

  • Churches answering Jesus’ prayer “That they may all be one”

  • Believers discovering newfound joy in relationships with brothers and sisters of other cultures


Our resources are vital for the future relevance of American Christianity. Generous partners like you make these resources available. Make a tax-deductible contribution today toward the ongoing training of pastoral leaders across North America.

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